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Starting Again

Almost a year later

I’ve been re-watching Summer’s Desire. Full circle.

Working at a pet shop has huge advantages. For one, I now know what pet products are BAD for your pets, and what pet products are GOOD for your pets.

Tangential: We had a woman come in and give us training on Raw Diet (the best diet for dogs/cats since they are obligate carnivores), and she discussed “Raw Milk”. Raw milk is ILLEGAL to sell in most US states (since dairy companies sell it pasteurized), but it is legal to consume. She recommended raw milk not only for pets, but for human consumption. After listening to her, I’ve done a tiny bit of research (mostly on a biased Realmilk.com) but I’ve come to the conclusion that I want to drink raw milk instead of pasteurized milk, just based on the benefits. (Support immune system, nutritional value, etc…) and I think something that is created naturally for infant (calf) consumption, should be regulated, not outlawed.

Petition to Legalize inter-state commerce of Raw Milk

NOW FOR A LIST OF THINGS I HAVE RANDOMLY ENCOUNTERED that are of moderate importance to everyone other than me ;]

1.) Form I-130 (aka the ‘green card’ wedding): is a long process. Since my boyfriend’s visa was denied, I’ve been doing some half-hearted research into the matter. I think our government discourages unpatriotic (foreign) marriages. My opinion is based on such quotes as: “A visa allows a foreign citizen to travel to the U.S. port of entry and request permission to enter the U.S. Applicants should be aware that a visa does not guarantee entry into the U.S. The DHS, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officials have authority to permit or deny admission to the U.S." AND: "Certain conditions and activities may make an applicant ineligible for a visa. Examples of these ineligibilities include: drug trafficking; overstaying a previous visa; and submitting fraudulent documents.

2.) David Thorne, The Internet is a Playground: is a compilation of 27b/6.com blog posts by D.T. who is hilarious. This website was shown to me by a friend, and it is a wonderful, wonderful addition to the interwebs. The book has a couple extra articles, so it’s worth reading, but the website contains the meat of his work.

3.) Astrological Indulgence: Okay, so logically I recognize that star and sun signs have NOTHING to do with romance, friendship, abilities, etc. But, I am fascinated to no end by astrological related trivia. And recently I’ve found a website (there are a few) that calculates your moon sign! I am an Aquarius moon sign!

4.) Game of Thrones: was a book series recommended to me by a friend in Japan. I recently purchased them via Amazon used book seller, and my order was somehow canceled a week after I placed the order. Which means I have to wait another month or so to reorder and wait for the books to arrive. I’ve read the first book in the series and it was amazing. And I watched the HBO show online, and it was amazing as well. (Carnivale and Rome are two other great HBO shows)

5.) Anne Rice, Interview with a Vampire: was an all-consuming novel. It’s one of those books that causes you to invest a great deal of emotional energy in the outcome and then just rips everything from you by the end. Yes, it upset me. Yes, it was powerful enough for me to recommend. Here are some quotes to encourage other people to read this book.

-“And what constitutes evil, real evil, is the taking of a single human life. Whether a man would die tomorrow or the day after or eventually… it doesn’t matter. Because if God does not exist, then life… every second of it… Is all we have.”

-“Do you know what it means to be loved by Death?… Do you know what it means to have Death know your name?”

More quotes




- I watched a couple episodes of “Summer’s Desire”. This show has got me hooked, the characters had no emotions for the first few episodes, but as their expectations and happiness grew, so did their need to maintain this happiness. Their failure to do so is causing these cold individuals to breakdown those icy walls they built around their hearts.


-I went to a fair with my family to watch my cousin preform on stage. He writes and preforms all of his own music, and he’ll be on youtube soon! He and I rarely talk now, but I miss the days when he, Sam, and I would hang out and create skits. It was fun growing up with them. I’m still good friends with Sam, but he’s off focusing on his studies, sports, and budding career as a musician! I wish him good luck!! Hopefully he’ll achieve his dreams!

Things to look forward too:

-Visiting my best guy friend tomorrow! I’m excited to see him soon, although it means getting up early ;] That’ll be tough!

-Finding a new Taiwanese Drama to obsess over!